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Class Levels

Fundamentals: Learn the fundamentals of classic yoga poses with an emphasis on alignment and safety at a slow pace. This class is ideal for brand new yoga students or returning students who have practiced but not

Level 1: These classes are for you if you’ve completed the Fundamentals series and/or your teacher referred you to a level 1 series during your foundation session. These classes will continue to educate you on the basic yoga poses, proper alignment and breathing practices. The pace of these classes is slow so that you can move more mindfully and gently in your practice.

Level 1/2: For the experienced Level 1 student who wishes to transition to a deeper practice, these classes offer continued refinement and variations of classic poses. These classes will also begin to gradually introduce you to Level 2 poses such as inversions and arm balances. This class moves at a slightly quicker pace than Level 1 classes.

Level 2: More advanced asanas are introduced as well as a deeper focus on the details and refinement of each pose. Physically more demanding, these classes are appropriate for students strong in standing poses and comfortable practicing inversions and arm balances with props.

Class Descriptions

Yoga Fundamentals Series-
If you are relatively new yoga or just want to get back to basics, this class series is for you. In this series you will learn more about what yoga is, how to practice proper form in basic poses, and learn yogic breathing techniques. Samantha is known for her “yoga do” and “yoga don’t” demonstrations, which give you a clear
picture of what you are doing (and not doing) in your yoga poses.

Level 1/2: Morning Motivation Series-
The “Monday Morning Motivation Series” is focused on getting you up and going each and every Monday. We will work out the morning kinks, energize you with a light back bending practice and leave you with a motivational quote to inspire your week ahead!

Level 2: Slow + Strong Series-
Most people think that slow yoga is “boring” and “easy”. This class is neither. There is strength in restraint. This class series will show you how to move more mindfully while cultivating strength in a gentler way then fast-paced vinyasa classes. We will move into more advanced poses slowly and with control.

Level 2: Kick Asana Series-
Yep, that’s right, we are going to kick your asana with an intermediate level practice working toward a variety of arm balances and inversions. Prepare to leave sweaty and inspired!

Level 2: Flow + Chill Series-
Samantha’s “Flow + Chill Series” is the epitome of balance. You will have an hour of a strong and fun intermediate practice followed by thirty minutes of a super chill restorative practice. There will be essential oils, lots of props and calm, relaxing music. The cherry on top is a ten-minute Savasana. You will sleep very well after each class.

Level ½: Yoga Detox Series-
Join us for a spring detox yoga series emphasizing postures, movement and breath. The class is designed to strengthen while cleansing the body, reducing stress, and improving clarity of the mind. Additionally, each class series will include techniques for cleansing from the inside out as well as a short meditation for centering and building calm.

Level 1: Candlelight Gentle Vinyasa + Restorative Yoga-
Picture small votive candles placed all around the room in your favorite cozy yoga studio. Hear the soothing voice of your teacher and the calming music. In this spa-like, relaxing environment you will spend the first thirty minutes moving through gentle yoga poses followed by a thirty minute restorative practice. You’ll feel so relaxed and rejuvenated after this class and we promise you’ll sleep like a baby!

Level 1: Flow & Stretch Series-
If you’ve recently completed the Yoga Fundamentals Series or are simply looking to practice the basic yoga postures with a combination of simple stretching to help you feel strong yet flexible, this class is for you. This class will move at a slow and steady pace that allows you to take your time in your practice. Plan to leave feeling relaxed, renewed and stretched out.

Level 1: Yoga for Healthy Aging-
As much as we don’t like to admit it, we are all aging. The good thing is there are things we can do to experience a healthy aging process. In this class we will practice balance poses, strengthening poses and exercises that help you continue with daily life activities such as getting up and down off the floor.

Level 1: Yoga for Stress Relief Series-
We all live stressful and busy lives. This class is your remedy to all the stress that’s built up from the week. If you have a desk job or simply spend the majority of your workday sitting or stressed, this class is for you. We will target the stress areas of the body like the neck and shoulders and also practice poses that help reverse the effects of sitting. Treat yourself to this relaxing, de-stressing yoga class! We promise you’ll feel better when you leave!

Level 1/2: Intermediate Expansion Series-
Are you looking to take your yoga practice to the next level but don’t feel fully comfortable stepping into a Level 2 class? This series will start to introduce you to more arm balances, inversions and get you ready to take a Level 2 class. You don’t have to have the ability to practice those poses before taking this class, just a willingness to practice, safely fall and learn! Together we will take your practice to the next level!

Level 1: Restful Warrior
This class series is a combination of restorative, yin and gentle yoga. In this class we will use a lot of props, soothing music, essential oils and gentle movement to rest and restore the minds and muscles of warriors. End your weekend with this delightful, restorative class.

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